SOB – Secrets of a Babysitter


SOB 15 cover.jpg   PARENTS BEWARE!  All babysitters have secrets. What are parents thinking when they hire that nice clean cut 15 year old girl from down the block? “She comes from a good family and is very studious,” is the comments throughout the neighborhood. You think you’re hiring the best person in the world to take care of your precious little ones? Reality check . . . a $10.00 an hour teenage babysitter is going to give you exactly . . . $3.00 an hour service. You get what you pay for!

Nina Marie Martin is a 15 year old teenager that lives in a typical Northern New Jersey community and does she have secrets! Fueled by the desire of making some money, Nina thinks babysitting would be the easy way out. That’s what she thought! Follow Nina, her quirky family, bizarre friends, stressed out clients with bratty kids, and ankle biting crazy old dog, as she spends her summers babysitting for her neighbors who are desperately trying to find a regular babysitter for their little monster.

“My First Accidental Job” is the first 7 chapter of my first high school summer break.

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I may have a secret about you. But you won’t know it  until you read the book. So get going,  what are you waiting for… Read it!


4 thoughts on “SOB – Secrets of a Babysitter

  1. Yes Francis, you guessed it! Its the town in New Jersey that I grew up. I know the area very well, that’s why I chose it. And yes, these are my experiences…with a little more added for a little more humor. Thank you for your comment!

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