The True Story of the Tooth Fairy

As a child, did you ever wonder who left a coin under your pillow in exchange for a tooth that you had lost that day? Did you know she was once a child just like you? Gabriela was a fun loving fairy raised by a very busy fairy family. They called her Gabby for short because she loved to talk about her adventures in the “outer realm of the humans” to the other fairies. One evening, she bits into a very hard pomegranate and to her surprise found a tooth in it. Gabby was devastated with the loss of her tooth that now made her talk with a lisp. Crying in bed, her father had an idea to make his fairy child feel better. He retrieved a coin from the family treasure chest and placed it next to the pillow of his very sad fairy. She woke up to find this wonderful shiny coin which made her happy, but her unbridled curiosity once again takes her to the “outer realm of the humans” to find out one night that other children are also sad about losing a tooth. But, will she leave her beloved coin to another human child to soothe the hurt and pain they feel? Can she be so unselfish to leave her treasure and go home empty handed? Her unselfishness becomes the key virtue that empowers her to become one of the best known fairies of all time. This is, “The True Story of the Tooth Fairy.”

Taken from a true experience I had with a young girl I nanny, Gabriella, who was afraid to put her tooth under the pillow because she did not know who the Tooth Fairy really was. So, I felt compelled to explain it to her in a story. I am seeking representation for my first book of a series of Fairy Tales, “The True Story of the Tooth Fairy.” My series of Fairy Tales show how the different fairies find their purpose or particular gift by a moral choice or by overcoming tough and difficult situations confronted by them. Along with my Fairy Tales series, I do have other projects spanning from picture books, middle grade and fantasy, including my favorite taken from the poem, “The Fairy Saddle.” I don’t expect to ever win the Caldecott Award, but I prepared a sample book in Bookemon.com to demonstrate what the little fairy looks like in my eyes.

Allow me to submit this 2665 word story that is capricious but possesses a moral lesson; easy for a child to read, but also engaging enough for a parent to both enjoy and share with their child.

I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, subscribed to the Writer’s Digest Magazine and WOW (Women on Writing). Please feel free to visit my website to view my other stories on catmartinez.com.  I look forward to your response. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Secrets of a 15 Year Old Babysitter

PARENTS BEWARE!  All babysitters have secrets. What are parents thinking when they hire that nice clean cut 15 year old girl from down the block? “She comes from a good family and is very studious,” is the comments throughout the neighborhood. You think your hiring the best person in the world to take care of your precious little ones? Reality check . . . an $8.00 an hour teenage babysitter is going to give you exactly . . . $3.00 an hour service. You get what you pay for!

 Nina Marie Martin is a 15 year old teenager, that lives in a typical Northern New Jersey community and does she have secrets! Fueled by the desire of making some money, Nina thinks babysitting would be the easy way out. That’s what she thought! Follow Nina, her quirky family, bizarre friends, stressed out clients with bratty kids, and ankle biting crazy old dog, as she spends her summers babysitting for her neighbors who are desperately trying to find a regular babysitter for their little monster.

Please allow me to submit this 53,600 words story, “Secrets of a 15 Year Old Babysitter” the first of a four book series, one book for every high school summer vacation of Nina’s life. In the first book she’s is clueless in a lot more than just babysitting, she’s clueless in life. But as the books progress you find her mature in more ways than one. As the title suggest, many of the families Nina works for have their own little secrets that are detected throughout the four books. The secrets are reviled during and following her high school graduation, Nina having the biggest secret, revealing who she is and how old she really was when she wrote these stories. The stories are basically Ann Marie Martin’s “The Babysitting Club” meets a teenage version of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum’s novels.

Although the stories are about a teenager, I have found that children, both girls and boys in the age group of 9-13 enjoy them the most. But they are entertaining enough for teenagers and because many of the stories are based on real life situations they are also enjoyable for adults. The books are funny, amusing and sarcastic, but they are also sweet, with teachable moments, and situations dealing with everyday problems confronted by families. My years of experience as a nanny, having a wonderful childhood in New Jersey and bring up two children of my own in a enjoyable but respectful environment, brings a intimate look, a unique perspective and realism to the stories. I am a member of the SCBWI and subscribed to the Writer’s Digest and WOW.

To read more of the stories you can visit Nina at her blog:  http://secretsofateenagebabysitter.blogspot.com/

Thank you very much for your attention and I look forward in your professional opinion and suggestion.

The Magical Dwarf Animal

It was days before the most important night for Mr. Clause; the factory was humming and his elves were hard at work making and preparing the toys for all the boys and girls of the world. But late one evening, someone disturbed Santa’s slumber. “It’s your reindeers!” Edicas, the steed master said. “They are not well! Reinder-titis!” Santa jumped out of bed in shock, “Any way they can get better before the eve of the magical flight?” Somberly, Edicas responded to Santa with a slow shake of his head no.

What will Santa do days before his magical flight without reindeers to guide his sleigh? The next morning, Santa was visited by an old and wise elf with a solution that gave Santa a glimmer of hope. He tells Santa a tale of a magical animal that could fly, but in order for Santa to find it, he must embark in his own journey and travel to lands that are not familiar to him. Santa must have faith and believe that this will work for the sack of all the children waiting for their gifts that one faithful night. At the end of a long and grueling voyage, Santa finds this magical animal, but the animal has a long and heartfelt relationship with no other then the Queen of all the Fairies, Titania. She kindly allows Santa to use her trusted steeds, the Korg-is, which translates into dwarf animal, for this evening.  It is the eve of his flight. Will Santa arrive in time to the North Pole to pick up the children’s toys? Are these animals strong enough for the long journey? Will Santa disappoint all the children that so anxiously await his coming one evening every year?

Allow me to submit this 12,900 word story, “The Magical Dwarf Animal.” This is the fourth book in my sequence of stories founded from the Welsh Folklore “The Fairy Saddle.” The poem whimsically recollects how a famed and brave Corgi saves a fairy princess and for that she grants the animal the privilege to become a steed to the fairies. My first 3 books retells the story of how the Corgi met the princess and how they were able to conquer evil lurking in the forest, while the once mischievous princess fairy, in her own right, develops and becomes, Titania, Queen of the Fairies. These stories are a mix of mythology and fantasy with reality and our world. It also explains many myths that we read in story books, as the Changeling; the origin of the Corgis; how Titania and Oberon met; the involvement of Mother Gaia, also known as Mother Nature, in our world as well as the mythical world; the reason why so many stories, fables and music are simply signed anonymous; and how the Corgis entered our world and became a beloved part of our culture. The stories, although filled with adventure, battles and struggles between good and evil, they also show how any spirit, human or otherwise, can overcome any struggle if it finds its true calling and has a support system that will stand by them no matter what.

I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, subscribed to the Writer’s Digest Magazine and WOW (Women on Writing). I look forward to your response. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



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